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We seek out speakers to bring interest of all kinds to our members and guests. Some reminding us of our duties as Rotarians, others telling us what they have done with their lives, including those who are doing something about the problems they, and all of us, face. Because we meet online, speakers do not have to be in Melbourne. To date we have had speakers from all over Australia as well as India, England, Cambodia, the USA and the Philippines. Anyone is welcome to join our meetings to listen to our guest presenters.


15th April


Una Hobday, International Chair Food Plant Solutions Rotary Action Group

Past District Governor of D9830 Una Hobday describes herself as a proud Rotarian. She is married and has four grown children. Una was a Registered Nurse and also held a Graduate Diploma in Health Education and a Graduate Diploma in Professional Management. She has worked in Victoria, WA and Tasmania and retired as the Manager of Adoption Services in Tasmania.

Food Plant Solutions Rotarian Action Group (FPSRAG) is a dynamic project that focuses on addressing malnutrition, hunger and food security using readily available local food plants. 

FPSRAG creates educational resources that help people, particularly women, understand the connection between plant selection and nutrition, and empowers them to grow a range of plants with differing seasonal requirements and maturities. 

It’s a self-sustainable solution to hunger, malnutrition and food security.

Malnutrition and other serious health problems, such as blindness, intellectual disabilities, anaemia and impaired growth are due to the lack of balanced nutrition in the diet.

The program has evolved from the earlier Learn Grow program into Food Plant Solutions, the only Rotarian Action Group established and based in District 9830.

We look forward to hearing from Una at an upcoming meeting and invite friends of the club to come along.