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We seek out speakers to bring interest of all kinds to our members and guests. Some reminding us of our duties as Rotarians, others telling us what they have done with their lives, including those who are doing something about the problems they, and all of us, face. Because we meet online, speakers do not have to be in Melbourne. To date we have had speakers from all over Australia as well as India, England, Cambodia, the USA and the Philippines. Anyone is welcome to join our meetings to listen to our guest presenters.


3rd June

Phil Smith

Phil Smith commenced as a career firefighter with the Hobart Fire Brigade in February 1988 and worked on shift responding to day to day fire calls and responses.
Phil was promoted to Leading Firefighter in 2000 and Station Officer in 2001, then Senior Station Officer in 2005. New opportunities then presented and he moved from working in career operations to supporting volunteer fire brigades, projects relating to the fire service, the Office of the Chief Officer, the management of State Operations which included FireComm, aircraft management, spatial data and public information, then promoted to District Officer and returning to Hobart Fire Brigade to manage operations in 2017.
Currently, Phil works in Regional Management South (Tasmania) which includes 90 volunteer fire brigades and includes Hobart Fire Brigade.
Major career reponses and significant incident management occurences include, Myer 2007, Dunalley and Lake Repulse 2013, complex of fires in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and across the state 2016, complex of fires across the southern Tasmania in 2019 and a busy fire season in 2020 including many deployments of firefighters to support mainland states during the season of 2020.
Phil is married with 4 children and 8 grandchildren.