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We seek out speakers to bring interest of all kinds to our members and guests. Some reminding us of our duties as Rotarians, others telling us what they have done with their lives, including those who are doing something about the problems they, and all of us, face. Because we meet online, speakers do not have to be in Melbourne. To date we have had speakers from all over Australia as well as India, England, Cambodia, South Africa, the USA and the Philippines. Anyone is welcome to join our meetings to listen to our guest presenters.


18th November

Francesco Fedele

‘Rotary Central Melbourne Mentoring Academy

The Rotary Central Melbourne Mentoring Program is planned to be considered one of Australia’s leading mentoring partnerships, which is enabling Rotarians to leave a lasting legacy for our emerging leaders and community.

Club member Francesco Fedele is responsible for leading the growth and strategic direction of the Rotary Mentoring Academy and will share with you the roadmap for the future of the mentoring program as well as some exciting new developments and partnerships.

Regardless of your experience the Rotary Mentoring Program will have a place for you to leave a lasting legacy.’

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