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We seek out speakers to bring interest of all kinds to our members and guests. Some reminding us of our duties as Rotarians, others telling us what they have done with their lives, including those who are doing something about the problems they, and all of us, face. Because we meet online, speakers do not have to be in Melbourne. To date we have had speakers from all over Australia as well as India, England, Cambodia and the Philippines.



Steve Bell

Seven Summits and Virgin On Insanity…

‘I don’t feel as though I’ve ever had a job, but I’ve had several interests for which I’ve been fortunate enough to be paid: ski technician, Antarctic field assistant, Royal Marines Commando, high altitude mountain guide, rock climbing instructor, barista and founding director of the UK based mountaineering company, Jagged Globe. The toughest job I had was being unemployed.

When I could climb, I was passionate about sharing the mountains with others, and about my personal rock climbing which has fed my soul all my life. Now I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned to others, especially young people.’